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Plant Composites and biodegradable plastics are our primary focus. We invented the worlds first ever all Plant Composite drone frame that has been ASTM Certified as a non-conductive material. We are aiming to make hemp a complete carbon fiber alternative. Our cannabis composites are proving to be lighter and just as strong as carbon fiber. Since Hemp is a 100% renewable resource we believe that we are only getting started in unlocking its potential. Our hemp is ethically sourced and grown in the USA and is provided by Global Hemp Group.


Our process is simple. We find problems that your company faces and develop a solution and/or product for you. We do all of the R&D and prototyping, we develop a path to patent it for you, and then we create a plan for any scale manufacturing. By having us design and build for your company, we drastically are able to cut down your cost and shorten your project time and your company retains the IP. we have a combine 38 years experience in product development. We relish the opportunity to bring new technology to the world and we would love to speak with you about your needs.   


We are actively engaged in the development of a search and rescue drone/aircraft which can transport people in need to medical care with ease. Our initial focus area will be helping the people of Nepal who are typically in remote, mountainous regions. Our Aircraft, the VERITAS RA-11 is a one of a kind design and a revolution in VTOL rescue craft. We have teamed up with the Celin Foundation which has been providing support to the people of Nepal for decades. We plan to make this aircraft body out of hemp composites and when successful, the VERITAS RA-11 will be the first ever hemp made aircraft in the world.      




It has been a long road to get here but though out all of the journey, we never gave up. Our motto is "Make Your Reality" and this idea has taught us to think past the limitations of what already exist and move in a path of fresh ideas. Our biggest goal is power and product generation through renewable resources. We aim to be the facilitators of change through our ideas for a truly green society.   


Through design breakthroughs and innovation, we bring ideas to reality. Our model is to build companies viable products that are green based. These ideas will lower cost, increase profits, and help clean the world. We focus ONLY on products and inventions that follow this criteria. It must be a product that is renewable or aids in renewable production. This path leads us to solutions that will drive a GREEN economy.


We already have a broad range of accomplishments. We have created the worlds first cannabis made drone, the worlds first green unbreakable neon tech, and full cycle Hemp water filters. We are currently in development of Rapid Dry Vortex Induction biomass dryer, Search & Rescue Drone/ Aircraft,  Unbreakable Hemp Composite, Starch extraction from cannabis, bio fuel production from cannabis, and biodegradable Hemp Plastics. Green change for our "Pale Blue Dot" we call home.   


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